Social Wellness and Farmers

Many people perceive farming as a sunny day spent holding kittens and driving the tractor through the beautiful fields of the countryside. Pictures show and stories tell us about the good things that farmers want to share. It comes as a shock to some to realize that whistling along during a bliss-filled day’s work on the tractor isn’t the typical day on the farm. It’s tough out there in the country. Getting soaked from the rain, boots filling to the rim with manure, spending the majority, if not all, of the night with a new calf or foal, and worrying every day about the farm as a business to support the family are the real sounds and snapshots of farming. Living and making a living out in the country isn’t what most folks think. A farm is a business. And if there is too much rain, or the herd gets ...
July 1, 2015

Safety on the Farm

  Safety is important in everyday life, especially with farm jobs that involve handling animals and heavy machinery. It is estimated that approximately 38,740 farmers are working with disabilities; many of these are injuries from farm incidents. Safety on the farm is achieved through tasks that are a daily part of their lives, whether it is making sure that all the chemicals from milking are put away, or skillfully using the skid steer to clean the barn. Even the smallest adjustments on dairy farms can provide a better, safer environment.   Daily chores can be hard on the farmer’s joints, from all of the bending and kneeling during milking and feeding, to repetitive arm, wrist and shoulder movements; many farmers use creative shortcuts and other ways to get through chores more quickly. These may seem like good ideas to the farmer, since more work can be done with the time saved, right? But ...
June 1, 2015

Coming to his aid

Dale Peterson milks 35 cows on his farm near Grantsburg, Wis. In 2011, Peterson was diagnosed with cancer and received a knee replacement. With the help of neighbors, community members and AgrAbility of Wisconsin, he has been able to continue farming. PHOTO BY CASSIE OLSON GRANTSBURG, Wis. - A lot can happen in one year's time: a change in career, the start of a family, the growing of a herd. For Dale Peterson of Grantsburg, Wis., however, a year's time meant overcoming tremendous challenge and heartache with the love and support of some great neighbors and a charitable community. After finding a cancerous tumor in his knee and leg in 2011, Peterson has been operating his 35-cow dairy with the help from generous friends and neighbors, along with the aid of AgrAbility, an organization that promotes success in agriculture for farm families dealing with farm injury, disability or limitation. "I really ...
April 15, 2015


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