Staying Safe in the Summer Heat

The summer months are a busy time for farmers. Tractors and trucks are constantly coming and going from the farm, workers are out in the sun all day and families are in and out of the house enjoying the summer weather.  Along with this increased level of activity comes a large number of risks associated with outdoor activities. Farmers, farm workers and families should prepare themselves and their farms for the hazards associated with warmer weather. With planting and harvest season comes increased farm machinery travel on rural roads. Rural crashes are more usually severe than urban crashes and typically involve tractors. It is important to display the Slow Moving Vehicle emblem on all off-road vehicles and ensure they are properly mounted to the vehicle. Proper lighting is essential, and it is recommended that two flashing amber lights are mounted in both the front and rear of the vehicle. Hitches should ...
July 25, 2016

Safety During Show Season

For thousands of youth across Wisconsin, the final school bell ringing in summer means much more than sleeping in all day and trips to the beach. June through August brings county fairs, district shows, state shows and state fair. Youth have begun preparing their dairy, beef, swine, sheep, horses and even poultry to put them on display and show off their hard work at various shows throughout the summer. Along with these preparations comes safety concerns that project leaders and youth should keep in mind to have a successful show season. Cattle typically have a docile demeanor, but are easily startled. Strange noises and new people will usually make cows nervous. When approaching your project animal, be aware of your surroundings. Sudden movements and loud noises will typically cause a pen of cattle to get excited, which can be a dangerous situation for someone walking in the pen. Once the ...
June 29, 2016

Client Story: John Ederer

With just the turn of a key to the Kubota, comes the instant sound of excited cows throughout the yard. This Kubota is special in more than one way. First, it is used to feed many hungry cows and calves on this particular dairy farm. But for John Ederer, it is the sound of success and happy farming when doing these simply farm chores. Walking a day in John Ederer’s shoes shows his dedication and passion of the family operation. With the assistance of AgrAbility, Ederer was able to continue what he knows best, farming. John Ederer and his two sons work 500 tillable acres and 300 acres of woods. Their crops include alfalfa, corn, and recently the addition of a few acres of soybeans. There are roughly 125 dairy cows almost all being, along with a few grazing steers. In addition to the tillable acres, Ederer and the two sons ...
June 27, 2016


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