Assistive Technology Database

If you are searching for solutions that might help you do some of your chores easier or you want to see what other equipment is available, there is a searchable database of products available. The Assistive Technology Database is active on the University of Wisconsin – Extension FYI site. ( Some of the nice features you’ll find in this database include: a gallery view for pictures of the equipment, and the ability to search by category or limitation. (You will find some of these advanced features in the left hand column toward the bottom. These quick search buttons allow you to click on a topic like “Fencing” or “Vision Loss” and find all the products that have been entered and categorized into the database that might help individuals looking for that general task or limitation. There are over 800 products currently listed in the database. The Assistive Technology Database is different than the Equipment Exchange site where farmers can exchange equipment directly. If you have, or know of a product that should be listed in the searchable database, send information to Bob Meyer at