AgrAbility helps farmers stay in business


When Ron Kusiak fell out of a tree seven years ago, his entire life changed.

The former Mosinee dairy farmer ended up paralyzed as a result of the accident, and even today he is still in constant pain.

His pain and paralysis hasn’t kept him from running his farm, but his methods have changed.

“Before my accident, I could do all the chores on the farm by myself,” he said. “I can still do a lot, but everything takes so much time now.”

Kusiak recently talked about his experiences when he was a guest at the AgrAbility of Wisconsin’s annual Advisory Council meeting in Madison.

He was in intensive care for 15 days after his accident and then remained hospitalized in a trauma unit.

“I lay for months and months,” he said, “and all I could think about is ‘what am I going to do now?'”|He knew he would no longer be able to milk cows, so they decided to sell the herd, but all he knew and loved was farming.

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