Assistive Technology

Assistive technology refers to both assistive and adaptive devices, which may be either high or low technology, and various services such as evaluations, fabrication and training. These devices are used to improve the range of work that a farmer can do without causing further bodily harm.

Assistive Technology Toolbox

If you are searching for solutions that might help you do some of your chores easier or you want to see what other equipment is available, check out The Toolbox. This is a searchable database of modifications and technology that can be implemented on your farm. Some of the features you’ll find in this database include: a gallery view for pictures of the equipment, and the ability to search by category or limitation.

 Assistive Technology Exchange

AgrAbility of Wisconsin has been serving Wisconsin farmers for 25 years. As farmers adapt to changes implemented through AgrAbility, their needs may change. One option that AgrAbility offers for these situations is the Agricultural Equipment Exchange website. This is a website where farmers post equipment that they no longer use, so that other farmers can acquire and benefit from its use.

If you have equipment you would like to donate or sell, post directly on the Ag Equipment Exchange website or contact Monette Bebow-Reinhard at 608-237-1446 for assistance.

AgrAbility Assistive Technology Photo Gallery