“He [Easter Seals Specialist] was very understanding and knew exactly what would help.” ~ Client

 “This is a very good program for farmers that have diabilities. I would recommend it to others.” ~Client

“I wish to thank everyone I was involved with during the entire process. Especially, Jeff and Ami for their interest and understanding during the on-farm visit.” ~ Client

 “The AgrAbilty program has definitely helped me and I think it is a very valuable program. We need to keep farmers in business.” ~ Client

“Bruce and Ami were key to my progress. Pleasant always and really working for what I needed. I thank them for their hard work.” ~ Client

 “I am very thankful for this program and think it is a very good thing. It is nice to know when options are limited someone is out their to help give you more, not only with the money and help with equipment, but also with advice and encouragement.” ~Client

“It’s nice to know this program is out there for disabled farmers. You have some great people working to help us. Thank you very much!” ~Client

 “He [Easter Seals Specialist] listened to my needs and limitations. Extremely helpful.” ~Client