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Enrollment Form - Duplicate

Please fill out the information as best as you can. An AgrAbility staff member will call or email to follow up on your enrollment and discuss any questions we have.

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The specific address where the farm is located. Include County. Example: 1234 Creek Rd, Delavan, WI 53115 Walworth County
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What year did you start farming? Did you take over the farm from your parents/ family member?
Please explain what is all included in the farm. How many acres you are running, any crops and animals on the farm, and any other agriculture businesses you have on the farm.
Explain what's not working. Are you having trouble with your arthritis acting up or not able to get in and out of tractors? If you had an injury, tell us the year it happened and any surgeries or continued therapy. INCLUDE AS MUCH DETAIL AS YOU CAN.
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